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Dr Kelvin Seah, an economics lecturer at the National University of Singapore (NUS), says: "The effectiveness of tuition depends on the tutor and the way to know if the tutor is good or not is to see his past experience and record."

However, on top of producing results, I'm also there for my students to speak to if they have problems, not just to help improve their grades.

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"My daughter, Kareen, took Economics at H2 level in college in 2016. Todate she had never
passed her Economics in her 1 st and 2 nd year in junior college. Her prelims in 2016 also saw her
obtaining the all too familiar U grade. Upon a recommendation from a friend, we engaged the
services of Mr Wong somewhere in late July 2016, barely 3 months before the ‘A’ Level
examinations. Despite what seemed an unsurmountable task, Mr Wong was very positive and
encouraging. He put in a lot of effort to ensure that my daughter understood the fundamentals
of the subject. To our surprise and happiness, she went on to obtain A for Economics! This
would not have been possible if not for Mr Wong’s dedication and solid strategy. Thank you Mr
Wong for making it possible for my daughter to enter NUS."

Kareen, TPJC (Testimonial from her mother)

“Mr Wong is a committed and encouraging teacher. He empathises with his students and never fails to raise their morale through words of encouragement which are imperative especially given that economics is not an easy subject... Mr Wong correctly identified that i was strong in my content but needed to succour me in my evaluations. He worked with me on my evaluations and that was the pivotal role he played in the last few months before A levels, to move me up from a B to an A... What was essential was that he told me to be confident and not second guess myself because he said that i had good inferential skills... True enough, i listened to him and finally got an A in economics during the A Levels which means a lot to me given that i never got an A for economics in any exam before the A Levels.”

Yuvraj, RI

“Thank you Mr Wong for all your invaluable guidance and tips during the last few months leading up to my As. I am definitely grateful for all the new insightful perspectives and ideas i did not learn in school, and will always be thankful for the huge improvement i never believed was possible!”

Denise, RI

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