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Improving As A Team



In the past, tuition was largely resorted to by parents who could afford to, and was mainly an aid for children who needed to improve their performances in subjects in which they were falling behind. Today, even bright pupils take up tuition classes in order to outperform the other bright students, and propel them to being among the best in their class. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the majority of one's classmates to be enrolled in private tuition classes. Some may even have dedicated tuition in several subjects.


Quality private tuition is not available to all and this creates a divide between deserving students who need a little guidance but are unable to afford it, and others who can.

NUS sociologist, Dr Tan Ern Ser agrees, describes tuition as an "inequality of opportunity". He says,
"Tuition can un-level the playing field, giving students from families with the means a boost in their performance in academic subjects... In short, it can result in unequal relative social mobility."

Youth attending elite schools enjoy a host of advantages: 

1. They have access to the most challenging academic classes at reputable institutions, with staff that is well-equipped to help them prepare for university admission examinations.
2. Affording additional assistance in the form of private 1-to-1 tuition would not typically be a financial burden for their families. 



Tuition costs are a substantial amount, especially for hard-working middle-class parents, who then need to cut back on expenses and create pressure on the household. Some parents even take up a second or third job to pay hefty tuition fees, with the belief that the extra classes would put their children on par with others and put them on a path to a better life and more opportunities than they themselves had access to.

Mr. Wong feels the hardships parents face in striving to give the best to their children, and the sacrifices they have to make, in exchange for a bright future for their children, and a life that's better than their own.

Therefore, he provides quality small-group tuition classes at BELOW-MARKET rates, to make it affordable for students and their families.


On top of that, he also offers 100% FREE Group Tuition Classes for LOW-INCOME / NEEDY students who are struggling with Economics, but are unable to afford tuition. However, because time and resources are limited, interested parties MUST be able to provide SOLID PROOF or some verification of their financial difficulties, in order to qualify. This is to avoid abuse of the scheme.



Students learn well when they are in groups because they get to see from others' perspectives, and learn about questions which they might not think about raising, should they have been going through the material on their own. Group sessions are not only informative but also encourage students to participate and learn with / from each other thus, deepening the grasp of the matter.

Group classes also encourages healthy competition, and  ensures that students are motivated to stay alert and keep up, in order to not feel left behind.

Mr. Wong ensures that each student in the small group classes receives prioritized attention and is able to feel free to ask her/his doubts without inhibitions.

Small group classes are well proportioned, such that every student feels well heard and her/his academic needs are met with fully.

The environment of positive learning and achievement in aMr. Wong's classes propel students to perform to the best of their abilities.




- Group Discussions to spark learning and ensure grasping of topics

- Brainstorming leading to deeper understanding of topics and innovative applications of arcane theories

- Learning from other students' mistakes as well as fostering peer-to-peer learning

- Students get an opportunity to speak up in class, thus helping them to gain confidence and move out of their comfort zone

- Increases cooperation and participation, trains students to be comfortable with group discussions and presentations, which will prepare them for future University life and when they enter the workforce, whereby such skills and abilities will be required.

- Mr Wong organizes regular in-class competitive games that enhance learning and partnership in an engaging and interesting manner



I'm socially shy and a bit awkward, but my first year professors got me into the habit of looking for or forming study groups and whether I was the fastest or slowest student in my study group I always profited a lot by seeing other people's approaches, by learning to explain my reasoning and by having others help me stay focused.- Yong Quan, SRJC


Daily Classes! Contact to enquire!

All new students are entitled to a FREE 1-time trial session, during his group tuition class!

Venue: Clementi or Bishan

Duration: 2 hours lesson + Private Consultation available after class

100% Free, No strings attached