Reportedly a whopping $1 Billion is spent on private tuition per year. A variety of media articles and the rise in trend of 'super tutors' portray the tution sector as a lucrative industry, and tutors as profit-seeking individuals as opposed to sincere educators with a desire to positively impact and nurture young lives. 


Mr. Wong is a genuine educator who cares about the holistic growth and overall development of his pupils. He has been in the education field for more than a decade and is well aware of the systems and how to maneuver to get ahead of the curve. Mr. Wong is a dedicated and sincere tutor who is genuine and is committed to creating an environment of learning and growth for students as opposed to run-of-the-mill tuition programs around the country. He cares about his students and their direction in life and takes personal interest in providing sound guidance on top of improving their learning curve. He not only encourages students to focus academically and achieve great scholastic results, but also fosters essential life skills, communication, as well as social and emotional growth under his tutelage.

Mr. Wong has impressive records of taking struggling students and helping them transform 'U' to 'A' grades under his tutoring. Not just that, 
He is a friendly guiding force in his students' lives, and ensures that the students are working with full focus by helping them with any obstacles that may be in their way - academic or peer-pressure based. He believes students perform well when they are relaxed and at ease and ensures that students are emotionally in the right place to learn effectively so as to ensure top marks and excellent grades.


Mr. Wong understands that true education comes from holistic guidance, from a teacher who aims to sharpen the sword of the dedicated student's minds and that the greatest profit and satisfaction a tutor can get is in seeing his pupils flourish and perform in competitions and in life.

Mr. Wong is empathetic, and feels for the hardships parents face in order to bring up their children, and the blood, sweat and tears they have to shed, so as to make ends meet in order to give their children the best they can.

Mr. Wong is a through-and-through educator with a desire to help students who have the talent and drive to get ahead but, lack guidance and need a helping hand to show them the way to a better understanding of Economics, better grades and a better life ahead.


Mr Wong truly cares for the welfare of students and is willing to offer 100% FREE Group Tuition Classes for LOW-INCOME/NEEDY students who are struggling with Economics but, are unable to afford tuition.


Mr. Wong is aware that students need more than just in-class assistance and that sometimes, lesson doubts and clarifications are necessary to be cleared after class as well. 

Therefore, Mr. Wong has made himself available after class hours via telephone, WhatsApp and is more than happy to extend his stipulated two-hour classes as per the needs of students. Mr. Wong is dedicated to helping his students grasp the subject in whichever way they find most effective.


Mr. Wong grasps that creating a connection with his students makes for a comfortable learning environment and encourages students to ask questions and clarify doubts. In addition to focusing on Economics related topics, Mr. Wong takes time to build a connection with his students. He takes personal interest in talking to them and to understand them as individuals and friends so that the students receive well-rounded and holistic guidance. 

He understands that student life today is competitive in more than one way and that students face a wide array of challenges and struggles. Indeed, it is tough to go it alone with all the peer pressure and family expectations to boot. Mr. Wong's calling in life is to help his students in any way possible - he aims to reduce their burden scholastically but, he also takes care to encourage and motivate as well.

There will always be private tutors out there who are in it purely for the money - which is why parents and students need to be careful in selecting the right tutor because education involves young lives and their futures which are at stake - this career cannot just be about making money! It is just not ethical!

Mr. Wong ensures that he has phone or face-to-face conversations with parents and students alike, so that they understand his beliefs and motivations, and to ensure them that his students student do not merely get an ‘extra’ lesson when they enroll with him, but instead, lessons that potentially add as much or more value than a regular school class. 

Mr. Wong welcomes parents to sit in on the classes to ensure on quality and he also advises parents to observe his pupils' attitudes and overall growth arc once they start taking classes with him. 

  • Tutoring experience : 10 yrs (since 2008) 

  • Has taught H2 Economics syllabus - 9732 and 9757 as well as H1 8819 in Junior      College before becoming a full time subject specialist focusing on Economics

  • Mentored by an RJC economics lecturer and understands the importance of the tutor-pupil relationship

  • Students taught and currently attending are from SAJC, ACJC, RI, CJC, SRJC, NYJC, HCI, NJC, PJC, MJC, to name a few 

  • Has also taught students learning IGCSE and IB Economics from ACS International and SJI

  • Has helped many students grasp and apply Economics techniques to improve their exam scores. Mr. Wong has successfully coached students to turnaround their grades fast and effectively, has mentored students to jump from a 'U' grade to an 'A' grade within three months of coaching

  • Was a former top student in his JC for Economics subject

  • Only focuses 100% on Economics subject. Doesn't tutor other subjects.

  • Is very passionate about Economics, very dedicated and committed to helping his students improve.

  • Is very persistent. He will ensure that students understand what he is explaining. He will not stop until they truly understand a concept.

  • Tutors not just for the money. But he genuinely strives to bring about improvements for his students.


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