1. globalisation/international trade- patterns of trade* dd and ss side factors directional and content(pertaining to sg) #FTA vs #anti globalisation policies(deglobalisation) #benefits and cost of globalisation (labour +trade+ capital movements) # Alternative polices 😏

2. Factors that affect Govt choice of policies + effectiveness of policies # policy mix combinations 🙁


3. circular flow of income.  kei.  alternative indicators.  #sol btw countries # economic performance as a traditional measurement is it adequate? 

4. info failure #adverse selection / moral hazards /persuasive advertising mkt failure and intervention # free market rational decison making /price mechanism allocation of resources combo.  merit vs public.  market Dominance. alternative intervention methods (case of bus industry in sg) # natural monopoly.  income inequality (as mf)  for 9732 not 9757.


5. firms behaviour (price.  output) # contestability alternative perspective on monopoly (market structures vs threat of competition effects on price and output (behaviour)  


6. Globalisation effects on firms performance / behavior price output.  globalisation contestability fusion. oligopolies dynamic efficiency price stability prevalence of oligopolies best market structures? 


7. oil prices and its implications on macro ad/as perspective #deflation? # ped inelastic /commodity downturn 


8.  chinas restructuring sustainable growth?  inclusive growth?  policies to restructure implications on the rest of the world. 


9. euro area #austerity vs trade offs # structural reforms # productivity #common currency euros vs state of economy 


10. m& AA implications on firms behavior and performance consolidation in view of recession as a mode of survival against Global downturn #shut down conditions 


11. zero appreciation MAS approch to tackle inflation and x competitiveness.  diversify FTAs and new Ca.  fwl# sme development loans sras ss side policies 


12. water.  true pricing affects on sustainability.  intervention  recognising true pricing.  intervention vs micro macro trade offs goals. 


13. india price controls /equity vs efficiency.  intervention for equity effects on international trade.  chinas export subsidy implications on international trade

Practice questions will be given based on the following:

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